Are you an M&A Advisor? Do you have tangible industry experience? Have you previously hold a top executive position within a company?


Members of ONEtoONE are part of a consolidated group of Corporate Finance professionals, which are provided with our advanced support platform that incorporates unique, modern technology.

Our ONErs (Members of the ONEtoONE team) enjoy a focused career plan involving a heightened level of business opportunities, challenging work, meaningful relationships and a variety of unique tools that are designed to help reduce transaction time, whilst maximizing success rates and deal value.

This is revolutionary as ONErs can fully focus their efforts on closing deals, all whilst knowing that our dedicated support teams will be working hard simultaneously to assist them in attracting new clients and potential counterparts. In addition, ONEtoONE’s team maintains a common set of values and rules, which in turn aligns every individual member to the company’s vision. In combining these values with a truly global firm, ONEtoONE works as a family that sets its sights on leveraging each other’s strengths.


We believe in fostering a culture that brings the best out of every member of the team, through the use of collaborative, engaging and participative values.


Qualify as Member of ONEtoONE


ONEtoONE offers a profitable partnership agreement to all of its ONErs. In order to become a part of our firm, potential ONErs must have previously held one of the following titles: President, Chairman, CEO, CFO, Head of M&A, Managing Director, Managing Partner or had worked in Corporate Finance.


As a ONEr, you will have access to the most innovative tools and latest technology that will allow you to help your clients make new and informed strategic decisions; all in the context of a changing business world. As such, our Headquarters along with the rest of the team will work to help you attract and close more deals.


We know your reputation is your most valuable asset and the same applies to us as well. If you are not sure about that your qualifications met our requirements, please contact us before applying.

Step 1 - Assesment

To be considered for a position as a ONEr, you will need to take an online assessment. This will allow us to get to know you better and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Step 2 - Get more info

After you complete the online test, we will contact you with the next steps in the collaboration process and more information about ONEtoONE.

Step 3 - Final meeting

Here, both parties will have the opportunity to get to know each other, address all questions, solve any differences, and draw up common goals.

We believe in finding the best talent wherever it may be.
A powerful team is a source of great strength.

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Our defining feature is our ability to find interest from all over the world, ensuring that we close our deals with the investor willing to pay the most and add the greatest amount of value for our clients’ business.


ONEtoONE is a unique M&A organization, which adopts a collaborative leadership style as a core element of the functioning of our organization. This allows us to achieve a high degree of flexibility as we are able to target a wider number of industries and countries.


As a ONEr, you will leverage our “Know-how” that has been developed and perfected over more than twelve years of experience, whilst also having access to the latest technology and support systems.


Our methodology, technology and ability to find the best counterparts for a mandate are our differentiating factors, and it is thanks to these that we have been able to participate in more than 1000 assignments worldwide.


Testimonials ONErs

“ I can get global support and feedback from my teammates,

because we are all focused in achieving a common goal”

Bernar de la Hera - Partner

“ I am proud to belong to a team

that delivers excellence in everything it does”.

Brian Vella - Partner

“I joined ONEtoONE Corporate Finance because I like the idea

of working for a highly efficient and extremely flexible organization,

which is 100% oriented in achieving only the best results. “

Dominique Gazel - Partner

“ONEtoONE makes sure that all of the core values

are standardised and met by the whole organization”

Guy van der Heyden - Partner

“ONEtoONE has broadened my horizons and

allowed me not to settle for the most obvious buyer.”

Vicente Bosque - Partner

“ONEtoONE allows me to gain a global perspective

while focusing in achieving the local needs of my clients.”

Joao Silva - Partner

“For me, one of the things I appreciate most about

working in ONEtoONE, is that our approach is absolutely

different from traditional corporate finance services.”

Thomas Preiss - Partner

Our defining feature is our ability to locate, generate interest, and close deals with the counterparty that generates the most value for our clients.











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