A ONEr is a term that we use to refer to professionals that make up our organisation. As such, our team is composed of three figures: Partner, Industry Manager and Industry Expert.


Our mission is to provide our ONErs with access to a wide range of resources so that they can work with the latest technology, help their clients make better and more informed strategic decisions in a changing world, and grow as professionals within the ONEtoONE team; all with the help from the headquarters along every step of the way.

The ideal ONEr should be a team player, possess leadership skills, and share our passion for excellence.


Senior Professional with true experience in M&A advisory.

Should be 100% dedicated to ONEtoONE

Will be responsible of capturing and closing M&A deals.

Will be responsible looking for potential clients and lead the mandate with the help of Analysis, Research and Contact teams.


Advanced financial knowledge. Deep knowledge of an Industry. Must have previously held a top executive position within a company.

Should be 100% dedicated to M&A .

Will be responsible of capturing new mandates.

Will work jointly with a Partner in their mandates.

Willing to become a Partner in the future.


Must have previously held a top executive position within a company.

Should BE at least 50% dedicated to M&A.

Will be responsible of capturing new mandates jointly with a Partner.

Will work jointly with a Partner in mandates.

Deep knowledge of their sector of expertise, as they will advise and participate in mandates linked to their sector of specialization.

We do not provide employment to our ONErs, we provide them with support in attracting clients and closing deals.


  • ONEtoONE has 7 Core Values that all ONErs must abide by, and in turn ensure that other ONErs are following at all times.

  • 1. ETHICS

    All ONErs must act in an ethical manner across all professional aspects, and in turn work towards making sure that the organization follows the same principles that are defined by protecting the client’s interests.


    All ONErs must apply confidentiality in all their professional relationships. ONErs must always request a qualified recipient to sign an NDA before proceeding to provide any documentation.


    ONEtoONE’s mission is to “close all mandates,” and it is for this reason that tenacity and perseverance in the search for counterparts becomes a critical element to achieve this goal for every ONEr.


    ONErs must perform their job achieving a maximum level of quality. All products, services, or documents should meet with the quality criteria established by ONEtoONE.


    All ONErs must constantly work towards capturing mandates, finding counterparties and representing ONEtoONE through the quality of their interaction with the client and market.


    ONErs must manage M.A.R.E.M, the process and the level of service with maximum care and diligence, therefore providing an example for the organization.


    ONErs must embrace ONEtoONE’s culture and should thus contribute towards creating a friendly, pleasant and professional environment. Our organization promotes respect, fairness, courtesy and respect for others.

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