There are many international M&A networks, but how many are successful?

How many of them have a Research and Contact team exclusively dedicated to closing deals?

How many have fair and clear rules?

How many have the best M&A tools at client’s disposal?

There are many international M&A networks, but how many are a success?

How many are prepared for a new marketing age?

How many share the same value proposition?

By being a member of the ONEtoONE team, you will have access to an international team with Sector, Country and Product Specialists, to give you all the support you may need when closing an operation.


ONEtoONE has a big team that specializes in Merger & Acquisitions´ advisory with a focus on achieving excellent results. Our unique team of advisors is distributed in a global scale, as we believe that by not limiting ourselves to one location, we will be able to locate the best talent and achieve a “glocal” perspective. Our team has carried out more than 1.000 assignments. Our defining feature is our ability to find, interest and close the deal with companies or investors who will pay the most for our clients ‘business.


Would you want to be part of an international team that is composed only of great professionals who work together to achieve excellent results?


When you become part of ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, an array of opportunities open up for you. As part of our unique team, you would have access to an international team of specialists, access to international databases and a unique app that would allow your client´s access to the information linked to their mandate in real time and much more.

By being a member of the ONEtoONE team, you would have access to an international team with Sector, Country and Product Specialists, to give you all the support you may need when closing an operation.


ONEtoONE provides a Common Brand: Operating under a recognized M&A brand increases the chances of capturing and closing more deals as it provides the client with a greater sense of security and a strong track record of success stories that have been closed under the common methodology.


In addition, working under a common brand creates a sense of responsibility with the team. This allows the ONEr to be more committed, achieve excellent results and thus increase its fees.


In ONEtoONE we trust the excellence of our team; we are firm believers that good work should be rewarded accordingly. Therefore, ONErs do not receive a payroll from ONEtoONE, instead, they receive a fixed fee (a retainer) and a success fee linked to a deal.


When a ONEr shares a deal with the ONEtoONE network, the rest of ONErs teammates know the split of fees and participate under the same rules. No negotiation is necessary, and, thanks to our technology, no misunderstandings occur.

We provide you with the flexibility to work wherever you want in the world.


Our Marketing team is here to provide ONErs with support during every step of the operation process.


The team provides all the necessary documentation in order to compile slides, assist in creating smart marketing campaigns and sends out international newsletters to attract new clients and possible counterparties and other marketing tools. In addition. The marketing team promotes actively the ONEtoONE brand through the use of social media, blogs, and our corporate website.


By being active in promoting our brand through the use of these channels, we are able to reinforce your and ONEtoONE´s image in the media and be present in the mind of business owners whenever they plan to sell or look for investors for their business.

In ONEtoONE, we have an International Perspective.
Everyone in the ONEtoONE team shares the same goals and the same values; this allows us to work under the same methodology and achieve excellent results.


Our Research Department is here to help you achieve the highest reach of potential counterparties. First, our research team will work towards creating a map of companies with the highest synergies with your client´s company. This map has to be very detailed as it´s aim is to bring together all those candidates who might be a potential match for the client´s business. Then, our Research team contrasts and completes this document with the client and once the client agrees to the proposed targets, the Contact team contacts the potential buyers and gets them to sign an NDA agreement.


ONEtoONE has invested in comprehensive M&A deal Databases, this allows our Research Department to keep close track of potential clients and uncover new business opportunities for you. Our Research team has access to International Databases; these are compiled by more than 20 million companies worldwide. Our R&M department can help you manage the challenge of finding and contacting the best counterparty that will maximize your deal value and you client´s satisfaction.


This will allow you to work on personalized bidders, target and seller lists and enhance your financial due diligence, while having access to customizable search options of comparable financial data and deal multiples.


M.A.R.E.M. is a unique CRM that has been developed in house by our I.T team. M.A.R.E.M. provides the user with all the necessary information needed during an operation: Support in every stage of the deal, ability to search within company databases, capacity to download and prepare business proposal templates and share mandates and opportunities with other ONErs teammates.


This tool guides the user through all the mandate stages, making the required templates easier. M.A.R.E.M. is a great tool to document and automate processes and facilitate operations.


This tool also enables ONErs to build community with other team members: ONErs can upload their CVs and their personal information so that other ONErs are able to get in contact with them and find out about their skills and interests.

MAREM is a great tool to document and automate processes
and facilitate operations.

As a ONEr, you will have access to advanced M&A technology to connect with other members of the team and access our Business Intelligence services.


Cleary is a tool that has been developed by ONEtoONE.


Through the use of this tool ONErs are able to provide a differentiated service to their clients. Cleary, allows the client to have access to all the information linked to their mandate anytime, anywhere through the touch of a screen.


In addition, clients can visualize the parties that the ONEr has been in contact with, view their responses and download the documentation that the ONEr has compiled for them. All of this is displayed in a confidentially.

Through the use of this app, you can be transparent and involve your client in every step of the way.

This system will guide you through all the stages of your mandates, making the required templates easier. MAREM is a great tool to document and automate processes and facilitate operations.


ONEtoONE´s Virtual Data Room Solutions, optimizes the due diligence process by overcoming the many limitations that occur from using a traditional paper data room.


This Virtual Data Room Solution, is accessible from an Internet browser, it is a secure process that dramatically reduces transaction time and expenses, and allows multiple parties and prospective counterparties to participate concurrently in the M&A process.


You will have 24/7 access and complete transparency during the process.

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